Evolutionary Wellness

Take care of the body, heart, and mind!

I guide people to improve psychophysical well-being through experiences in nature, holistic training, and forest coaching.

Evolutionary Wellness is a constant search for one’s own happiness and inner well-being that we can train daily, making it a lifestyle.

Learn to give space to yourself, be proactive, love yourself, train, eat healthy, train the mind and regenerate in nature through breathing and meditative practices

"Take an interest in what happens inside you at least as much as what happens outside. If the inside goes well, the outside will fall into place as well. The primary reality is inside, the secondary reality is outside."

- Eckhart Tolle
daniela oroni

Who am I

Hi, I’m Daniela Oroni

I’m a Personal Trainer and Forest Coach. I love the woods and being in contact with nature.

Through daily practice, I have experienced the benefits of being in constant contact and connection with natural environments.

I currently teach at fitness centers. From 2007 to 2019 I managed two fitness centers, where I currently teach Pilates and gymnastics aimed at health and well-being, I obtained the first level NLP practitioner diploma.

In 2018 I started learning Forest Coaching at Diana Tedoldi’s Nature Coaching Academy, obtaining the certificate recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I studied and deepened my knowledge of coaching, arboreal and meditative practices, becoming a conductor of Forest Bathing.

By combining my passion for physical activity with coaching and nature, I created Evolutionary Wellness.

Choose the experience that best suits your needs

Holistic Training - Personal Trainer

Train to seek your own psycho-physical well-being, creating harmony in your body through constant physical exercise, correct use of the breath, and a healthy diet.

After an initial interview, we will set the training path that best suits your goal, you can train in natural environments, at your home, or indoors in the nearest sports center, through pilates or gymnastics sessions aimed at health and well-being.

Experiences in Nature

Choose the experience that most resonates with you

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Forest Coaching

Setting goals is the first step to transforming the invisible into the visible.
(Anthony Robbins)

Meet yourself in deep connection with the trees and the forest, where I will be a link between you and the surrounding natural environment to help you achieve your goals, from your perceived present to the desired future. 

Starting from the coaching dialogue and integrating listening experiences and connection with the forest ecosystem, I will help you find the resources to meet your challenges. 

We will be immersed in the woods in deep connection with nature and with trees to get inspiration on how to reach your goals through specific strategies and exercises.

You will acquire more awareness of yourself and your potential, intervening in the less functional parts of your inner dialogue to draw on a new way of looking at yourself and your behavior.


Nature as a mentor offers us models of effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability that can be implemented in one’s ecosystem.

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